Voices Group News


We Are Back! 

At last we have been able to meet together again!

It has been exciting to see each other and to catch up on what everyone has been doing.

We have also been able to give out the Standing Out Project T-shirts, caps and lanyards thanks to a grant from Virgin Money Heart of the Community Project.  

The group designed the items and chose the colour.    

They are looking forward to wearing them to go out and about to talk about advocacy.



Launch of our new identity and celebration of Advocacy Matters Wales 30th Anniversary

On Tuesday 2nd July Advocacy Matters and the Voices Group held a joint celebration at Cardiff Conservative Club in Fairwater.

The Voices Group were very proud to launch our new name and identity.

We also celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Advocacy Matters Wales first starting.

The Voices Group had a big role in organising the event alongside Angela and Jane.

We wanted to invite people who we had worked with and who had supported us and we wanted to invite some local dignitaries.  Peter came up with the idea of inviting the Lord Mayors of Cardiff and of the Vale of Glamorgan.

We sent an invitation to them and we all cheered when we got messages back saying that Councillor Daniel De’Ath and Councillor Jayne M. Norman, Deputy Lord Mayor of Vale of Glamorgan were delighted to join us!


We were also joined by friends and colleagues from Diverse Cymru and Transport for Wales and People First amongst others.

At the event, Peter met Lord Mayor De’Ath and Janice met Deputy Lord Mayor Norman.  They showed the Mayors to the presentation table and introduced them to the other speakers.

Haydon,  AMW’s Chair opened the event and talked about Advocacy Matters Wales work over the years, then Oz and the two Mayors spoke.

It was Oz’s first event in his new role as Chief Executive of Advocacy Matters Wales.

Haydon also thanked Jane for her invaluable work over the years as Director of Advocacy Matters Wales and everyone gave her a big round of applause!

The Voices Group gave a presentation in front of the Mayors, Advocacy Matters Staff and Trustees and all the people we had invited.

Every member of the Voices Group helped to put the presentation together.  Mike & Sandra came up with some great ideas for things to say in the presentation.  Sandra also acted as a practice audience when the group were rehearsing and she gave them ideas about how they might make the presentation even better.  Pete, Janice and Jo spoke and Veronica showed everyone our new logo.

We had to laugh when Janice was speaking and accidentally knocked over a glass of lemonade with the microphone lead - twice!  Janice was laughing too.

Ian Swanick was the DJ and he played lots of different types of music that people sang along to and danced to.  We had hot dogs and burgers which we really enjoyed!

At the end of the event the Voices Group felt on top of the world that they had pulled off the ideas they had for the event!  Everyone at Advocacy Matters Wales was very proud of us!



Visit to Ely Fire Station

Written by Sandra O'Keefe

On Thursday 25th October, some of us went to Ely Fire Station.  Some of us went on the bus and some went in a car right to the Fire Station.  Andy, the fire man showed us what is inside a fire engine.  When we were there, there was a fire call and we saw the engine leave in a hurry. They gave us a really nice free lunch.  Best part was when he asked if anyone wanted to try on a fire fighters outfit.      I said yes and I put the clothes on in 2 minutes! 






Voices Group Visit to Cardiff Central Station

Written by Peter Eames 

On 28th February 2018 the Service User Group paid a visit to Cardiff Central Station which is one of the busiest in the whole of Wales and is currently going through a major upgrade ahead of the electrification of the main line from London to Cardiff.

Ariva Trains Wales have a training room at the back entrance to the station.  The gentleman entrusted with looking after us during the visit was Geraint and he was very good.  He showed us a short film that showed how disabled people can use an orange wallet which railway staff know means that the person with the wallet is disabled and might need help in boarding the train or in the ticket office when buying a ticket.

We then took a train journey to Penarth and back as part of the visit. We got off the train and headed down the ticket office where Geraint gave us some leaflets.  I managed to pick up a new timetable as I had not been able to get one due to the poor weather.   We thanked Geraint for showing us around then all headed home apart from Janice who went to Barry.

Advocacy Matters Wales' AGM and Christmas Party

On Tuesday 4th December 2018, AMW held it's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Christmas Party at Fairwater Conservative Club in Llandaff.

Pete and Janice, Voices Group members,  gave a presentation to everyone about the work of the Voices Group.  Jo and Veronica helped them with the presentation.

After the AGM, it was time to start the party. There was a disco and live music from the wonderful Lynsey Pugh and the service users had a good dance and enjoyed the buffet. 

The evening was a great success and many people won some lovely prizes in the raffle. 

Thanks to everyone who donated prizes or bought tickets including Tesco in Canton,  Total Produce Wholesale Fruit Centre and Wesley's Church.  The total raised was £117!

Below are some pictures from our Christmas parties:      


Service User Group Christmas Dinner

On 6th December,  the Christmas celebrations continued when the Service User Group (SUG)  went for a delicious Christmas dinner at the Sandmartin in Leckwith!


Service User Group visit to Gofod 3 Exhibition

Written by Sandra O'Keefe

On 8th March 2019, the SUG visited the Gofod 3 exhibition for the second year running.  We all went to tell people about Advocacy Matters Wales and to meet people on different stalls.  They were all involved with charities.  They all brought stuff about their work to Cardiff City Football Stadium.  My favourite thing was doing a dragon jigsaw on one of the stalls.  I did it in two seconds!