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Advocacy Matters Wales' AGM and Christmas Party

On Tuesday 5th December 2017, AMW held it's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Christmas Party at Fairwater Conservative Club in Llandaff.

After the AGM, it was time to start the party. There was a disco and live music from the wonderful Lynsey Pugh and the service users had a good dance and enjoyed the buffet. 

The evening was a great success and many people won some lovely prizes in the raffle. 

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets at the raffle and everyone who donated prizes including Jimmy Borg from Broughtons for the fruit basket and Katey Jeffereys from Tesco extra for the bottle of rum!  We raised £164!

Below are some pictures from the evening:      


Service User Group Christmas Dinner

On 14th December,  the Christmas celebrations continued when the Service User Group (SUG)  went for a delicious Christmas dinner at the Sandmartin in Leckwith!


Service User Group Visit to Cardiff Central Station to find out about the Orange Wallet Scheme.

Written by Peter Eames 

On 28th February 2018 the Service User Group paid a visit to Cardiff Central Station which is one of the busiest in the whole of Wales and is currently going through a major upgrade ahead of the electrification of the main line from London to Cardiff.

Ariva Trains Wales have a training room at the back entrance to the station.  The gentleman entrusted with looking after us during the visit was Geraint and he was very good.  He showed us a short film that showed how disabled people can use an orange wallet which railway staff know means that the person with the wallet is disabled and might need help in boarding the train or in the ticket office when buying a ticket.

We then took a train journey to Penarth and back as part of the visit. We got off the train and headed down the ticket office where Geraint gave us some leaflets.  I managed to pick up a new timetable as I had not been able to get one due to the poor weather.   We thanked Geraint for showing us around then all headed home apart from Janice who went to Barry.


Service User Group visit to Gofod 3 Exhibition

Written by Sandra O'Keefe

On 8th March the SUG visited the Gofod 3 exhibition.  We all went to tell people about Advocacy Matters Wales and to meet people on different stalls.  They were all involved with charities.  They all brought stuff about their work to Cardiff City Football Stadium.  My favourite thing was doing a dragon jigsaw on one of te stalls.  I did it in two seconds!