There are 6 members in our Voices Group.

Find out a little about each of us below:


Sandra O'Keefe

My name is Sandy, I’ve been a member of the Advocacy Matters Wales Voices group for 16 years. I like coming to the meetings to mix with different people and to help Advocacy Matters. I live in St Mellons and enjoy cycling and watching sport.


Mike Hill

My name is Mike. I have been coming to the Voices Group at Advocacy Matters for about 11 years. I enjoy coming to the meetings to see the other members, and help with the newsletters and our new website. I live in Ely and support Cardiff City Football Club. Bluebirds!  Cardiff City won in the 2018 final!


.Peter Eames

Let me introduce myself, my name is Peter Eames, and I'm in my second year with the service user group at Advocacy Matters. The reason for me joining the group, was I wanted something else to do during the week and wanted to make new friends. I have lots of  hobbies, which range from trains to military bands, and I also enjoy supporting the troops when they return home. I wll be going to various millitary events in the coming months.


.Veronica Hardy

I'm Veronica, and I've been part of the Voices Group for about 9 years. I've met lots of friends through the group, and enjoy coming to the meetings to see them, have a cup of coffee and talk about Advocacy Matters. I live in Grangetown, and enjoy bowling, going to the gym and shopping.


.Janice Partridge

I'm Janice, and I've been a member of the Voices Group at Advocacy Matters for about 7 years. I like coming to the group, because everyone is very friendly and sociable. I get on well with everyone and enjoy meeting on a Thursday morning a couple of times a month. Coming to the group has given me more confidence, and I like having a say in things that the organisation does, and helping with giving presentations.


.Jo Hurst

I have been with the group since 2013.  I like being part of the group because I like working together in a team and the people in the team are my friends.  I like our new name and logo.  My hobbies are bowling and going to the cinema.


We also have a new member whose profile we will add in due course.