On this page are stories and poems we have written or enjoy reading. 


"Severn Road Centre" by Sandra O’Keefe

This is my story about the class I go to in Severn Road.

I am quite happy with my new class and found a great teacher called Noreen.  Her class is every Monday starting at 10am until 12pm.

It is down in Canton.  The name of the course is Skills For Life.

The name of the centre is Severn Road, Canton.  In September I think I may do two classes down there.  They have got a small canteen where I get to know people from the other classrooms. 

Here is the address:

Visit: Severn Road Centre,  Severn Road, Canton, Cardiff CF11 9DZ

Call: 029 20872030

You can find out about adult education courses on this website:



"Today"  Author Unknown.  

This is one of my favourite poems that I like to read - Janice Partridge

Today we are new people,

We start afresh this day,

The past is simply left behind,

As we go on our way.

Today is a beginning,

For yesterday has flown,

Tomorrow's just a dream away,

Unseen and yet unknown.


This day is made for caring,

We need to love and live,

To share a thought for those in need,

And spare the time to give.

Today is very precious,

And soon will slip away,

New people, new beginnings,

Reach out and seize the day!


"Busy times ahead!"  by Peter Eames

In the next few weeks, I shall be attending the Mass Military Band Spectacular in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 2nd June.  One of the bands involved is the band of the Royal Marines Training from Lindstone in Devon.   I will also be attending the Armed Forces Day in Barry.  I will be doing something special that day as I work with the Council in Barry so I will be in with the dignitaries to receive the salute!  I hope that these events will be well attended as I think lots of people will find them interesting.

I will also be attending the Armed Forces Day in Exeter in June and will be watching the Red Arrows flying in Western Super-Mare from the cliffs in Penarth.