On this page are some stories and poems some of us have written or enjoy to read. 


The Friary Centre – by Sandra O’Keefe

This is my story about the Friary Centre in Cardiff, where I go to college -

A long time ago, I can always remember there was the big Friary, all the way down the end of Mary Anne Street in Cardiff. In the Friary was the Adult Education Centre.

There were different times on the doors for anybody to pop in. I can think of so many of the old teachers working in the old Friary.

The centre has changed a lot. There are now many classes and courses, for people to learn different things.

I go to English and maths classes. You can also learn computers. It is good to see new people this year. I really enjoy the classes.

People can call in anytime, to find out more about what courses are on.


Here is the address:

Visit: The Friary Centre, Cardiff, CF10 3FA

Call: 029 2022 7472



Today - Author Unknown

This is one of my favourite poems that I like to read - Janice Partridge


Today we are new people,

We start afresh this day,

The past is simply left behind,

As we go on our way.

Today is a beginning,

For yesterday has flown,

Tomorrow's just a dream away,

Unseen and yet unknown.


This day is made for caring,

We need to love and live,

To share a thought for those in need,

And spare the time to give.

Today is very precious,

And soon will slip away,

New people, new beginnings,

Reach out and seize the day!